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— by Elle Elle
I totally agree.  At first it was very hard for me for anyone other than my husband to be that close to me.  As I fell in love with the dance, I saw it differently.  These men are disgusting, don't they know they are turning the woman off?

I love to dance but no matter how great the man dances, I Will not dance with him again. The dance becomes unbearable, I can't breathe and if I breathe, I breathe in their terrible smell.  And I cannot fake it, my face will show it.  I also try to spray myself with my subtle "dancing" perfume around my hair and face just in case I dance with Mr. Smelly.  

They cannot say they same about me because I am aware of the close contact so I make sure that I am EXTRA clean and smelling good and clean breath.  I try to be CLASS all the way so that the experience dancing with me will be not only good dancing but a breath of fresh air too.

There should be a sign at the entrance of the milongas- Please practice good hygiene.