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Re: sexism in tango... is tango really sexist?
— by Rhiana Rhiana
Hi Richard with all due respect I think you are VERY VERY VERY wrong!
All what you say is correct, and I love the tango, but you are blind if you think tango has no sexist.
It is, unfortunately, very sexist.
Lets take the selection of a woman. Almost every man and woman would agree that to be selected by the man, the grace and skill in your dancing matters little compared to how GOOD you look. The more beautiful the woman, and the better she is dressed (a short skirt or revealing clothes certainly help!) the more likely she will be selected, all other things being equal (for example if she is new and nobody knows her).
That, unfortunately, is pure and utter sexism. Selecting a woman for a job on that premise is against the law!