Men's shoes and Goodyear protectors for leather soles

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Men's shoes and Goodyear protectors for leather soles

Hey folks. I've ordered a pair of tango shoes from Argentina with leather soles. My question is how best to protect the leather from damage on the dance-floor.

Obviously I am planning to wear the shoes indoors only, for tango dancing. Typically, I have used Goodyear Protective Half-Soles on all my leather-soled shoes, and have been very satisfied with it. Do you think this will work well with the thin soles on tango shoes also?

I remember one occasion when I was wearing unprotected leather soles, and I slipped over and fell flat on my back on the concrete floor of a rail station... not good. I would hate for that to happen on the dance-floor, so I need a solution that gives reasonable grip as well as preventing damage to the leather. Does anyone have experience with Goodyear Protective Half-Soles? Are regular shoe-repair outlets qualified to apply them to tango dance shoes also?

Thanks so much!